Safety Ambassador

Matthew Morales;

I have 14 years in the public sector, in which 11 of those years have been served at the City of Flagstaff Solid Waste Section. I currently hold the position of Project Manager at Cinder Lake Landfill. I am a licensed Professional Engineer in the State of Arizona and graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Engineering from Northern Arizona University in 2001. 

I have the fortunate opportunity to continue the efforts of my predecessors, Tony Miano and Richard Martinez, to promote a culture of safety for all solid waste employees throughout the State of Arizona. 

We have a strong core of talented individuals who have stepped up as Safety Committee members, and I am very excited to have their support in such a pivotal year. Our members include Don Campbell-Tucson, Armando Sapien-Mesa, Oscar Tsingine-Pima Maricopa Salt River Indian Community, David Tavares-Tempe, Torrance McDonald and Simon Lara-Glendale, Darrin Stensby-Sierra Vista, William Black-Prescott, Joe Vasquez-Phoenix, In 2018 we will have a great deal of momentum as a committee and our efforts will be dedicated to:

·         Strategically building a committee with valuable members from thoughout the state

·         Maintaining open communication with our members, municipalities, and the national chapter on issues that are at the forefront of safety in the industry

·         Creating awareness for industry specific campaigns such as Slow Down to Get Around (

·         Create a database for our members to utilize for developing SOP’s and JHA’s in the industry

·         Quarterly Safety and Compliance Workshops


Please feel free contact me if you are interested in promoting safety in your community!