Arizona Legislative Updates

The Arizona Chapter of the Solid Waste Association of North America monitors state and federal legislative and regulatory activity to keep members informed of issues pertinent to the municipal solid waste industry.

Below are the legislative updates prepared during the 2016 legislative session.  Note that the Second Session of the 52nd Legislature did not adjourn until May 7, and there are still a few bills on Governor Ducey's desk. 

Arizona Updates

Update 02-03-2016
Update 03-10-2016 
Update 06-29-2016                   
Update 08-12-2016                    
Update 10-07-2016
Update 12-02-2016 (Prop 206 Summary)                    
Update 01-27-2017 
Update 05-19-2017 
Update 07-19-2017 
Update 08-24-2017 


ADEQ proposes to adopt new federal rules for landfill air quality permits and new state implementation guidelines




Federal Advocacy Updates